MadCrypto – Bryophyte and macrolichen ...


This dataset includes species lists of bryophytes and macrolichens (presence/absence) sampled on the forest floor and on trees in disturbed and undisturbed plots along elevation gradients in the laurel forests of Madeira island. It also contains species specific information (bryophytes: red list status, endemic status, taxonomic group, life strategy; macrolichens: photobiont type, growth form) as well as plot information (Plot_ID, sampling date, coordinates, elevation a.s.l. (m), disturbance type, sampled host tree species).

The dataset was used for the paper Boch S, Martins A, Ruas S, Fontinha S, Carvalho P, Reis F, Bergamini A, Sim-Sim M (2019) Bryophyte and macrolichen diversity show contrasting elevation relationships and are negatively affected by disturbances in laurel forests of Madeira island. Journal of Vegetation Science.

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8 Août 2019
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